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Organic components to diminish tiredness

Yesterday you had a headache, today you are dizzy and feeling worn out, tomorrow you will probably be moody. Wondering what is happening to you? You are fatigued. These are telltale signs of fatigue. Depression, insufficient sleep and overworking are some of the common causes of fatigue. It should be noted that some underlying medical conditions could be causing your fatigue. It is therefore wise to seek medical help to rule out any illnesses. Zotrim was originally developed to help with weight loss. It was later discovered that the ingredients in this herbal products could relieve fatigue symptoms as well. This article will talk about natural ingredients found in Zotrim that reduce fatigue and they include:

Guarana seed extract

The active component in this extract is known as guaranine whose chemical responses in the body are identical to caffeine. The only difference is that guaranine is bound to the fibers of the guarana seeds such that it is released slowly into the bloodstream making its stimulant activity last for hours.

How does this extract help with fatigue?

Cortisol is the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands to help the body cope with stress. Cortisol levels go down to their normal state once the body has overcome the stressful event. When we deal with hectic schedules every day, the body is too busy producing cortisol depleting reserves for manufacturing stress-control hormones. Uncontrolled release of cortisol leads to the exhaustion and overworking of the adrenal glands leading to a condition known as adrenal fatigue.

Unpleasant symptoms of this condition start to kick in, and that is why you have a headache that can’t be cured with a simple painkiller, or insomnia that can’t be treated with sleep medication. This is where guarana extract comes in handy. Guaranine the active compound in guarana suppresses the harmful effects of the excessive release of cortisol and neutralizes the byproducts of stress responses. Research indicates that guarana improves and enhances the activity of adrenal glands. People with chronic fatigue symptoms have shown significant improvement with guarana seed extract treatment.

Yerba mate leaf extract

Yerba mate leaf extract is a source of caffeine. Just like guaranine in guarana seed extract, it helps in regulating the production of cortisol. It works in the same chemical manner. Yerba mate is more powerful; it contains pantothenic acid a potent nervous system toner. It controls overstimulation of the nervous system thus keeping production of cortisol in check. Yerba mate also contains magnesium which has been useful in the treatment of muscle aches caused by fatigue. The magnesium in yerba mate works by binding to receptor sites that permeate the cell membrane enabling the entrance of potassium ions which ease the muscle cramps. Having mentioned that, we are justified to say that Zotrim is the perfect treatment for fatigue.

Damiana leaf extract

Apigenin is the active compound in this extract. It is a flavonoid which slows down the activities of the brain and that of the central nervous system. This promotes a feeling of body relaxation which in turn reduces anxiety. People with anxiety are sometimes unable to sleep but with the use of damiana leaf extract, insomnia is reduced significantly. Other ingredients in Zotrim that help with fatigue include vitamin B3 and B6.

The extracts mentioned above work well on their own to fight fatigue. Since each product works differently to produce the same effect, they can be powerful and effective when combined. That is what the manufacturers of Zotrim did. They combined potent ingredients to fight fatigue, because they want to see you energized and productive in your life as well as your work.

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