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Zotrim has made weight loss easier than ever before. With this highly efficient fat burning formula, you can reach your optimal weight in just seven simple steps. These clinically tested pills hold a unique combination of herbal extracts and vitamins that help you shed your belly fat in record time. Here are the main ingredients that contribute to the success stories of thousands of Zotrim consumers:

Zotrim ingredients

Unique botanical blend

In the search for the ultimate natural solution for weight, loss doctors have mixed herbal extracts from a wide variety of plants. The result contains a very effective fat burning formula, which is the base of the Zotrim slim down treatment.

  • Yerba Mate is a South American shrub with significant health properties. Scientists have discovered the positive impact that the mate extract has on human digestion and weight loss. As a Zotrim component, the extract of yerba mate acts as a tonic substance that increases your metabolism rate and helps you burn fat faster than ever before.
  • Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon forest. The extract obtained from its seeds is the ideal alternative to caffeine, and the natives have been using it as an energy booster for centuries. Its inclusion in the Zotrim mix improves your endurance against fatigue and balances your sugar blood levels.
  • Damiana (or Turnera diffusa) is a plant that originates from Central America. The extract obtained from its leaves has powerful health benefits and encourages a smooth digestion. As an integral part of the Zotrim weight loss formula, the Damiana extract ensures that your body does not store the fat present in your meals.

Vitamin B3

An effective solution for weight loss would not be complete without a strong dose of vitamins. One of the main components of Zotrim is vitamin B3, or niacin, a natural compound that releases the energy from the carbs you consume. This process prevents your body from storing extra fat and supplements your levels of energy.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble compound that triggers over 100 enzymes that are necessary for a high-running metabolism. A consistent intake of this vitamin increases your body’s thermogenic process and helps you burn fat more productively. You can ensure the daily optimal dose of vitamin B6 for your body with just two pills of Zotrim.

Vitamin C

A recent study reveals that people who struggle with a vitamin C deficiency have a hard time losing weight. In fact, without a daily dose of this important compound, your body will not function properly, and your metabolism will not be able to use all the energy you provide it through food. Simply by taking Zotrim on a daily basis, you increase your chances of losing weight, and you get rid of vitamin C deficiency forever.

High fiber

High-fiber foods fill you up and delay hunger for a longer period. Zotrim contains a consistent supplement of high fiber that prevents you from craving salty snacks or sugary foods. By taking this weight loss solution regularly, you can maintain a healthy nutrition plan and burn the excess fat at the same time.


Caffeine is a natural booster for your metabolism. This substance is usually present in coffee, cocoa, and tea, but you can get a safe dose of it from just two pills of Zotrim. This weight loss supplement provides you with more energy, it suppresses your appetite and increases your mental alertness.

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